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Between the dates of July 9 – 13 over 200 volunteers from 7 churches and local non-profits showed their love for San Clemente by serving in nearly 20 community service projects.  Event founder Holland Davis, Pastor of Calvary Chapel San Clemente states, “Love San Clemente is about showing God’s love in practical ways.  This year we were able to partner with local non-profits and the City of San Clemente to improve living conditions, provide services, collect food for the less fortunate and assist the City in beautifying San Clemente.


Some of the notable accomplishments include…

Collecting over 750 pounds of food for Family Assistance Ministries

Completing a number of beautifying projects in the Del Commercio section of San Clemente through the San Clemente Community Development Department

Beautifying Las Palmas Elementary School

Planting flower gardens at Gilchrest House (a local shelter for women in crisis)

Cleaning up Victory House (a local home for drug and alcohol recovery)

Providing a Vacation Bible School for Military families at Camp Pendleton

Assisting in maintenance and clean up at the home of a World War II Veteran

Cleaning up the Pregnancy Resource Center Offices)

3 Little Free Library Builds at Las Palmas Elementary School, Concordia Elementary and Del Commerico Neighborhood


The San Clemente organiztions with participating volunteers include Cornerstone Community Church, San Clemente Presbyterian, Southcoast Church International, The Shoreline Church, Calvary Chapel San Clemente and the Community Resource Center of San Clemente.  Organizer Holland Davis states, “We looked for ways to partner with city organizations like the Parks and Recreation, our schools, the San Clemente Community Development Department and other city organizations to show our city that we care and God cares through us.  I figure we saved the city thousands of dollars in man hours alone.”


For more information on Love San Clemente and to stay posted on future Love San Clemente projects visit lovesanclemente.com.


“We began with a simple dream to do something that would impact our city. We wanted to do something that will make a difference and cause people to ask, why are you guys doing this?  Our answer is to say to show the love of God in practical ways.”

Pastor Holland Davis, Calvary Chapel San Clemente


“One of the great privileges of the Church is to care for it’s community and not just it’s own people.  We want this community to know that we love our city and the Church is bigger than our four walls.”

Chris Smith, Southcoast Church International


The Shoreline Church is excited to be taking part in Love San Clemente this year!  We love that we have the opportunity to show the city some love in some really needful ways.  Many people from our church will be working together with their small group, so groups of 10 or more people who have been meeting for Bible Study will now be able to turn their studies into service projects!  ‘Love’ is truly a verb and we are ready to get into action.

George Hulse, The Shoreline Church


“Love San Clemente has been an continual inspiration to participate in over the years. It’s so nice to get out into the community and meet new neighbors and help each other out a bit.”

Ron Sukut, Cornerstone Community Church


“Love San Clemente is a week long opportunity to spread Christ’s love and blessings through bite-sized services projects benefiting our San Clemente community and creating strong bonds between local churches and community volunteers”.

Suzanne Ansari, Community Resource Center San Clemente


“The act of service; members of Love San Clemente coming to our neighborhood from the outside to help us clean it up means allot to us on Calle Del Comercio,”

Cory Scurlock, Trestles Community Outreach

Names of people in first photo with the Love San Clemente hand signals include:
From left to right… Marsha Martinez (Del Commercio neighborhood resident), Sara Abrahnsson-”Love San Clemente” Volunteer from San Clemente Presbyterian Church’s youth group (she is a 12 year old student and San Clemente resident), Cory Scurlock (Del Commercio neighborhood resident and head of the Del Commercio/Trestles Neighborhood Community Outreach Group) and Kelly Forbes (Del Commercio neighborhood resident and community artist)


Sara Abrahnsson:  When asked why she volunteered to help with Love San Clemente week Sara said, ” I volunteered to design the artwork and paint the “Little Library” box during Love San Clemente week because of my desire to share and promote literacy with people in my community who might not have easy access to books and of course my love for art.”

Marsha Martinez:  When asked about the impact the new “Little Library” has had on children in the Del Commercio neighborhood, Marsha commented, “The kids in our neighborhood are so excited about the new “little library” and some have already picked up books to read. We really appreciate the outpouring and love and support for our south San Clemente neighborhood.”


Kelly Forbes:  When asked what her thoughts were about Love San Clemente volunteers serving her her neighborhood Kelly said, “I think it’s another example of the whole community coming together and being united as one through grass roots efforts by making an impact in the city of San Clemente. The Del Commercio neighborhood is super thankful and grateful for all the clean-up and beautification efforts made by  Love San Clemente volunteers this past week.”


Quote from Dr. Patty Drown (CRCSC President, SCPC Member and Love San Clemente church liaison & Gilchrist Flower Project Coordinator)

When asked what her motivation was to volunteer for Love San Clemente and the Gilchrist Flower planting project Dr. Drown said, ” I have flowers at my home and I wanted the ladies at Gilchrist House to have the same joy as I do when I see flowers.”


Quote from Katie Robinson (SCPC Church Member and Co-Leader of the SC Cancer Support Group)

When asked why she volunteered for this particular Love San Clemente project, Katie said, ” I have always done community service and love to give back to my community. I knew Lucy Stafford-Lewis (Gilchrist Program Manager) and Ellen Gilchrist who the shelter was named after from my volunteer work throughout the years at FAM and various community service projects with my kids.”


Heather Rice (Concordia Project Coordinator & Concordia parent)
When asked why she wanted to participate in Love San Clemente and as project Coordinator for the Concordia Little Library project, Heather said, ” I am so blessed to be a part of this particular “Love San Clemente” project. I love reading and wanted to share that love with others in my community. I feel this little library will give kids and parents from this neighborhood an easier way to get books and reading materials so they can read individually or as a family. It has been great to share this volunteer experience along side other Concordia parents and students.”

Christopher Castañeda (SCPC Hispanic Ministry Youth Group Member)
When asked why he wanted to help out with the Love San Clemente project at Concordia, Christopher said, “I wanted to serve together with my friends to help my community. If you build something they will come, well now that we have built this little library under the bridge, the kids walking to school will see it and will want to check out the books. It may help them want to read more.”

Atzin Ramirez (SCPC Hispanic Ministry Youth Group Member)
When asked why he wanted to participate in Love San Clemente, Atzin explained, “It was fun to build something from just a few pieces of wood and make it into something real that people will see everyday and use. I think the little library at Concordia will increase the reading for little kids and maybe their parents too. We should have some donated books in spanish too.”

Citlali Perez (SCPC Hispanic Ministry Youth Group Member)
When asked why she wanted to volunteer at this Love San Clemente project at Concordia, Citlali explained, “I think that people should volunteer and give back to others. It helps you get away from things you don’t want to get involved with, like drugs. By helping to build this little library, people will be happy and they will use and hopefully appreciate what they have here in San Clemente”



Love San Clemente Military Vacation Bible School Team (Love San Clemente Organizer Founder Holland Davis Front Center)



Beach Clean Up Team at the San Clemente Pier


PICTURE 4: (from left to right)

Margaret Neeley, Patricia Drowns planting a flower garden at the Gilchrest House


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