Donations Needed For Gilchrist House

For our project this year at Gilchrist House… this is what we will be doing.  If you can donate items needed or provide funds to purchase items, please contact Ron Sukut at Cornerstone Community Church at (949) 492-2626.

Item Requests
-Two long hoses
-Stepping stones
-Dump runs for miscellaneous broken furniture (chairs, tables, rugs, toys)
-Front and both patios landscaped
-Replacing the non-slip tape on the staircase
-Varnish for outdoor fences and outdoor furniture
-Painting the stair banister
-Painting both gate doors (front and back)
Specific Unit Needs
All Units (including laundry, water heater closet, and trash bin doors)
-Replace all electrical outlet and switch plate covers
-Interior Paint
-Check all ceiling fans for working bulbs and ensuring they are in working order
Unit 1
Main Living Area
-New cover for electrical box on patio
-Front door painted
-Remove small bookshelf
-Replace blinds in kitchen
-New light in fridge #1
Bathroom 1/Unit 1
-Etagere affixed to wall
Bedroom 1
-Blinds removed an/or replaced
Bedroom 2
-Nothing needed
Bedroom 3
-Shower door needs to be repaired (not sliding properly)
-Sink inspection (there is a crack, is this causing any damage?)
-2 closet curtains need to be replaced
-Needs towel hangers
Unit 2
Main Living Area
-Dining area screen replaced
-Curtain replaced
-Replace top lock on screen
-New kitchen light
Bedroom 1/Bathroom 1
-New curtain and liner
Bedroom 1
-Nothing needed
Bedroom 2
-Crack in drywall patched (behind bunk beds)
Unit 3
Main Living Area
-Sliding door screen replaced
-Remove the existing couch and replace with a new couch in the Gilchrist garage (#2)
-Organization and removal of unwanted items
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